About UrbanPromise International

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Geoffrey's Malibu is proud to partner with Malibu Presbyterian and UrbanPromise International to help build and develop a school in rural Malawi. 

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Below is more information on UrbanPromise's history, their mission, and their approach.

Bruce Main: Founder & President of UrbanPromise

Twenty-six years ago the vision and mission of UrbanPromise was conceived in a dusty church basement in East Camden, NJ. A small group of college-age missionaries created a summer camp for neighborhood children--providing a safe, loving, fun, and creative place for local youth to escape dangerous city streets.

Since 1988, the UrbanPromise model has been replicated in other cities in North America including Vancouver (British Columbia), Toronto (Ontario), and Wilmington (Delaware). In 2003, the model was replicated in Malawi, Africa when William Nyasulu established YouthCare.

In 2008 UrbanPromise International was established to formalize this replication process and provide the supports necessary for the model to be used in other communities.


The mission of UrbanPromise International is to prepare emerging leaders to initiate, develop, and sustain Christian-based youth development organizations and to seed their new ministries as they serve vulnerable children and teens in our world’s most under-resourced communities.


Although the UrbanPromise's efforts have been around for over 25 years, in 2008, five ministries were developed to better serve the community and youth in Malawi, Africa: RiseMalawi, ChristCares Ministries, ProjectTEACH, Rays of Hope, and Cornerstone Ministries. These ministries have been the primary focus in Geoffrey's partnership with Malibu Presbyterian. 

Each UrbanPromise site and affiliate ministries are dedicated to providing children and youth with the supports that they need to succeed academically, grow spiritually, and prepare for leadership that will bring positive change to their own communities.

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